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mintyeyedrops's Journal

6 September 1991
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Hey There!

My name is TiyaPhotobucket
I'm turning 17 this year[2008].
I love to eat but trying not to eat too much Photobucket
I get annoyed easily
but I'm nice,really. I don't bite :3Photobucket
& I Photobucket to play Tetris Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket


I wont be online for a long time this year :((

So i wont be active here and will be missing out on a lot of things too >.>
*crap,im out of words,i'll update this later.Photobucket
bye ^-^



{Inoo Kei} is my Mrs.Claus

[RYO NISHIKIDO] is my royal court jester ~ !

《 I kissed Choi Jonghun - F.T Island ☆ on New Year's 2008

i had an AFFAIR with [Ryo Nishikido]

I kissed with ---Taguchi Junnosuke--- on New Years eve 2007 > 2008

Taguchi Junnosuke {{KAT-TUN Blog Crew}} Ueda Tatsuya {{KAT-TUN Blog Crew}} Nakamaru Yuichi {{KAT-TUN Blog Crew}}

yourWEDDING with TAGUCHI JUNNOSUKE is held at MASSUiance™house!

~ I had a date with {Hideaki Takizawa} this New Year's Day! ~


Primary : Sekolah Kebangsaan Kelana Jaya (1)[ 1998 - 2003 ]
Secondary : Sekolah Menengah (Perempuan) Sri Aman , Petaling Jaya [ 2004 - 2008 ]